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50+ Vegan Mushroom Recipes

Over 50 of the most delicious and creative vegan mushroom recipes the internet has to offer are compiled right here for you to enjoy! Are you a mushroom lover? These super versatile fungi are a vegan’s best friend. Not only are they tasty and nutritious, they are also a great stand-in for meat to veganize your favourite pre-vegan recipes. From sautéed to roasted to marinated, mushrooms can be cooked in…

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A plate of vegan dumplings. The front one is held by chopsticks. Dipping sauce in the back.

Vegan Dumplings

These vegan dumplings feature a faux pork, shiitake and cabbage filling. They are the “meatiest” vegetarian dumplings out there and they are surprisingly easy to make! What to put…


Vegan Nachos

These vegan nachos are always a hit at any get-together with their “meaty” topping of seasoned tvp, a rainbow of fresh veggies and served with your favourite dip! I…